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Annual Summer Sewer Discount Ends for 2020

By November 5, 2020No Comments

Columbia, SC – Nov. 6, 2020 – Columbia Water’s annual seasonal sewer discount has ended for 2020.   The discount, which provides customers a break on their sewer bill during the irrigation season, came to a close in October. Customers who use more than 1,400 cubic feet or approximately 10,500 gallons in a month will be charged the full price for sewer services on their bill from now until the cap begins again next spring.

During the hotter spring and summer months, many customers use extra water to irrigate their lawns and gardens. Columbia Water recognizes that this extra water is generally not emptying into the sewer system. From April to October each year, Columbia Water places a limit on the amount of sewer charged for water use during summer periods.

Sewer charges are calculated based on the amount of water used each month. During summer periods, residential sewer charges are capped at 1,400 cubic feet. These charges only impact Columbia Water customers who are charged for sewer service – customers can check their monthly bill to see if they are charged these fees.

“Columbia Water is one of the few water providers that cap our sewer charges during the spring and summer,” says Clint Shealy, Assistant City Manager of Columbia Water. “We recognize that our customers’ water use patterns change with the seasons, and we want to make sure our charge policies are fair and equitable by reflecting that use. But we also want people to understand why they may be seeing an increase in their sewer charges on recent bills.”

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