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Columbia Water removes debris at canal headgates

By January 14, 2019 No Comments

Columbia Water has recently finished cleaning debris in front of the headgates of the Columbia Canal. Debris often accumulates at the headgates, especially after major rain events. Columbia Water routinely monitors and cleans debris there – it is usually done once a month. A slide show of the cleanup can be viewed here.

Because the cleanup involves actually entering the water via watercraft, the water levels and flow must be at a safe condition before employees can begin the cleanup. Recent high river flows caused a delay in the routine cleanup, but the recent stretch of clear weather allowed Columbia Water employees to remove the debris the week of January 7.

While the debris has no impact on the quality of water or the operation of the water treatment plant, it is certainly unsightly and a nuisance to park visitors. Columbia Water encourages everyone to do their part in preventing trash and plastics from entering the environment. Using refillable water bottles when possible and recycling single use plastic are two great ways to help reduce plastic in our water systems.