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The City of Columbia is in the process of designing a stormwater project to improve the drainage and flooding in the Shandon and Rosewood neighborhoods. This web page will provide information and updates as the project progresses.


The purpose of this project is to evaluate the existing storm drainage infrastructure within the Shandon Watershed from the upper reaches of Melrose Heights to Devils Ditch near Owens Field Park and to design improvements to alleviate flooding during frequent rainfall events that occur in certain areas. The City has contracted with Cox and Dinkins, Inc. to develop a plan for these improvements. Project improvements will occur along two corridors starting from Devils Ditch through the Rosewood neighborhood and up into the Shandon neighborhood with the installation of additional storm drainage pipes and catch basins to increase the capacity of the storm drainage system.

Specific Improvements

The first of the two improvement corridors begins at Devils Ditch near South Ott Street (1000 block) and Live Oak Street (3600 block), then across Owens Field Park to S. Bonham Road (900 block), Elm Avenue (1100 block) and back of 3312 Lanier Avenue and continues through Lester Bates Park to the intersection of Wando Street and Montgomery Avenue. The corridor will continue north through the block bounded by Wando Street and Elm Avenue and stop at Harvard Avenue (3100 block). There will be additional  work on Elm Avenue  (600 and 700 block) to improve  the storm drainage hydraulics. The improvements  resume  at Rosewood  Drive  (2900 block) heads north to S. Holly Street (200 block), continues north along S. Holly Street past Burney Drive, then turns west on Heyward Street (2800 block), then turns north on Maple Street and terminates at the Maple/Monroe Street intersection.

The  second  improvement  corridor begins  at Devils  Ditch near Hickory Street (3700 block) and Live Oak  Street (3600 block) and continues  along Tempo Court to S. Bonham Road (800 block). The corridor continues north in the open area along Tyler Street, then through the 3400 blocks  of Capers Avenue, Prentice Avenue and Moss Avenue. At Moss Avenue, it continues west to South Ott Road, then north halfway up South Ott Road (200 block), then across the Rosewood Elementary playground and through the 3300 block of Rosewood Drive to the intersection of Cannon Street and S. Ravenel  Street.   The improvement  continues north along S. Ravenel Street (100 block) and Ravenel Street (100 to 400 blocks) terminating at Wheat Street (3300 block). A secondary corridor also extends west from Ravenel Street to the low point in Monroe Street (3200 block).

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Project Design Schedule and Status

Final project design, easement and property  acquisition,  permitting and procurement  are expected to take place between September 2020 and November 2022. Project construction is expected to begin approximately in December 2022 and be completed by approximately June 2024. The project is in the preliminary design stage and the piping routes have been identified by the engineering design team.

Impacts to Residents

While the construction crews will work diligently to minimize disruptions, some unavoidable disturbances are anticipated to include daytime construction noise, road and drive­ way closures with detours, temporary water and sewer cutoffs, other potential temporary utility cutoffs and temporary loss of on-street parking.

Questions or Comments

If you have questions or need further information, please contact:

Frances Bryan, PE Assistant City Engineer
Phone: (803) 545-3544
Website: Shandon Phase II

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